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Artist’s Statement

I find my origin and definition as an artist in the paintings of ancient Spanish caves. There, I lived for centuries before the exile of poverty and politics pushed my grandparents away from home. There, in the mysterious darkness of Altamira, a part of me remains as part of the pure creative spirit that whispers in the ear of every human being.

The human mark is the basic subject of my work. Perhaps because I am also a writer, I am fascinated by the styles and patterns of marks that create written language. I marvel at the visual beauty of Middle Eastern and Asian languages that my brain cannot otherwise read. Sometimes I watch my own pen forming lines into the shapes, dots, and dashes that create so fluidly the linear bridge of language that carries us to spoken word and the jazz-like improvisation of conversation. On canvas, abstract marks lead me to an eventual completed image the way an accumulation of letters reveal a story.

Adriana Diaz

This is part of my story, the part that cannot be told in words. May my images evoke, refresh, nurture, soothe. Thank you for visiting my site

Adriana Díaz


Adriana Díaz
P. O. Box 27423
Oakland, California, 94602

Selected Exhibitions
2009 Solo Exhibition, Mechanics’ Institute, San Francisco, Calif.
2009 Pro Arts Open Studios, Oakland, Calif.
2009 Visible Poetry, Juried Exhibition, Mission Cultural Ctr, San Francisco,
2008 Pro Arts Open Studios, Oakland, Calif.
2007 Women on War, Nat’l Juried Exhibition, MCC, San Francisco, Calif.
2007 SWAN Invitational Exhibition, Emeryville, Calif.
2007 Pro Arts Open Studios, Oakland, Calif.
2007 Strong Waves, Juried Exhibition, Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, Calif.
2006 Women Against Violence, Ohlone College, Fremont Calif.
2005 NorCal Women’s Caucus for Art, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, Calif.
2004 Faculty Exhibition, Naropa University, Oakland, Calif.
2003 Int’l Women’s Month Exhibition, Guadalupe Gallery, Oakland, Calif.
2000 Faculty Exhibition, John F. Kennedy University, Arts Annex, Berkeley, Calif.
1999 Faculty Exhibition, Naropa University, Oakland, Calif.
1999 Communications Technology Cluster Gallery, Oakland, Calif.
1999 Badè Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, Calif.
1998 Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibition, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, Calif.
1996 “Significants”, Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, Calif.
1996 “The Word in the Beginning”, Badè Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, Calif,
1996 Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibition, Oakland City Center Gallery, Oakland, Calif.
1995 Stanford University, Bechtel International Center, Palo Alto, Calif.
1995 New Mexico Art League, Annual Nat’l Juried Small Painting Exhibit, Albuquerque, N.M.
1994 “Without Boundaries”, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, Calif.
1993 “Men and Women at Work” Faculty Exhibition, Holy Names College, Oakland, Calif.

Published Visual Art
2008 Yerm Ahm Literary Magazine
2006 Yerm Ahm Literary Magazine, March - Cover
2006 Inclusion in The Spirituality of Art, by L. Huey-Heck & J. Kalnin, Northside Publishing,Kewolna, B.C. Canada; Pp. 27 & 97
2003 Book Cover: Maria Speak, Journeys into the Mysteries of the Mother in My Life as a Chicana
1996 Book Cover: Approximation Algorithms for NP Hard Problems, D. Hochbaum, Ed., PWS Publishing Co., Boston, Mass
1996 CD Album Cover: “Rising Again”, Judith May, Yesyoumay Music, San Francisco, Calif.
1989 Book Illustration: To Love Delilah, Mary Cartledge-Hayes, Lura Media Publications, San Diego, California
1989 Magazine Illustration: Creation Magazine: Back Cover, Jan/Feb.,Vol 4, #6

Grants and Award
1996 Artist Renewal Grant, Indianapolis Arts Council, Ely Lily Creative Renewal Fellowship, with Indiana artist, Caroline Mecklin.

Professional Positions
2008 Health and Human Resource Ed. Ctr, Program Development Consultant, Berkeley, Calif.
2008 Health and Human Resource Ed. Ctr., Coordinator, Health Through Art Project, Alameda County, Calif.
2005-2008 Prism Coaching, Founding Partner
2000-Present Creative Life Coach, Arts Mentor, Personal and Corporate Consultant
2000-Present Community Works, Berkeley, Calif.: Curriculum Consultant, Program Developer, and Trainer
1984-Present Freelance Lecturer, Writer, Teacher, and Workshop/Retreat Facilitator
2000-2001 Curriculum Consultant, SAGE Project, San Francisco, Calif 1996-2005 1997 – 2001 Faculty, Naropa University/University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland
1999-2001 Faculty, John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, Calif.
1999 Advisory Consultant on Environmental Design, Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, Mich.
1984-1996.1 Faculty, Holy Names College, Oakland, Calif./Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality

Published Writing
1992 Freeing the Creative Spirit, Drawing on the Power of Art to Tap the Magic and Wisdom Within, HarperSan Francisco, San Francisco, Calif. (Still available, now in its fifth printing.)

Essays, Articles, and Poetry
2007 “Tantric Tango”, reprinted in Conscious Dancer magazine, Berkeley, Calif.
2004 Poem: “Enlightenment”, Behold Magazine, Kelowna, British Colombia, Canada
2002 “Tantric Tango” in Sacred Voices, Essential Women’s Wisdom Through the Ages, Mary Ford Grabowski, Ed., HarperSan Francisco, San Francisco, Calif.,
1999 “Brush with God, Creativity as Spiritual Practice” in The Soul of Creativity, Tona Pearce Myers, Ed.; New World Press, Novato, Calif.
1989 “Journey of the Creative Spirit, Painting and Drawing as Transformational Arts”, Creation Magazine, Sept./Oct., Vol. 5. #3
1988 “Creating Ritual: Writing Your Own Rules”, Creation Magazine, Nov./Dec., Vol. 4, #5

Community Involvement
1989-Present Advisory Board, Health Through Art, Alameda County Health & Human Resource Education Center, Calif.
1990-Present National Women’s Caucus for Art
1990-Present Northern Calif. Chapter, Women’s Caucus for Art
1995-Present Bay Area Argentine Tango Association
1990-Present ProArts, East Bay, Member
1998-2001 Board of Directors, Friends of Creation Spirituality, Oakland, Calif.
1990-1998 Berkeley Art Association, Berkeley, Calif.
1990-1991 Producers Council, Earth Drama Lab: Life on the Water Theater, San Francisco, Calif.
1989-1991 Board of Directors, Life on the Water Theater, Ft. Mason,

Published Materials about Adriana Díaz
1993 “Freeing the Creative Spirit”, Intuition Magazine, Vol. 1 #3 An Interview by Naomi Rose
1994 “Freeing the Creative Spirit”, Catalyst Magazine, Sept./Oct.
1994 “Freeing the Creative Spirit”, Art Net Gazette
1993 “Freeing the Creative Spirit”, The Christchurch Press, Tessa Copeland, Christchurch, New Zealand
1993 “Creative Spirit” Hispanic Magazine, Jan./Feb., Michele Heller
1991 “Art is her Priesthood”, Contra Costa Times, Diane Weddington
1982 “Mayan Legend Illustrated by Artist’s Works”, The Daily Review, Hayward, Calif. Diane Dawson

Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, Calif.
M. A. Culture and Spirituality, Holy Names University, Oakland, Calif.
Graduate Study, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland
B. A. Fine Arts, California State University East Bay, Hayward, Calif.

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